Our Services

One-to-one advocates and mentoring, life/social skill development, education and crisis response when required. The goal is to have all youth ‘intervention free’ for a period of at least 30 days after our arrival.

Hospitalization Supervision: to sit and give emotional and staffing support to children who are dealing with extreme psychological issues that may require in-patient treatment. Supervision is available for any hours needed.

All staff members of Fenwick Behavioral Services have undergone comprehensive background checks, CPS clearances, and are trained in CPR/First aid. They have received crisis response technique training, (MANDT Intervention techniques, CPI Non-violent intervention techniques) and have experience working with at-risk youth for a minimum of 2 years.

Fenwick Behavioral Services seeks to yield positive behavioral outcomes and decrease one-to-one hours over the course of 30 to 45 days or as needed based on individual progress. We act as the support system to caregivers/supportive placements and work in conjunction with them to decrease negative incidences. We desire to assist caregivers with the proper techniques to maintain youth’s placement as well by the time services are no longer required.

Youth served: Male/Female

Ages: 3 through 20